Sanitation Development Technical Team (TTPS), an adhoc container traffic
department whose members are representatives from BAPPENAS, Ministry of Health,
Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Industry,
Ministry of Environment, and Ministry of Housing,
will implement the National Program Sanitation Development Acceleration
Urban (PPSP) 2010-2014. This program requires staff to be placed
in the provinces, cities, and districts in Indonesia, including Java, Kalimantan,
and Sumatra as:


·Male / Female, age 30 – 50 years.

·Minimum S1, engineering, social,
management, and law; precedence: 1) Environmental Engineering, 2) Urban Planning, 3)
Civil Engineering, 4) Public Health, 5) Law and Governance, 6) Communication

·Have knowledge / expertise in the field
planning and infrastructure development in the region, provision of clean water and sanitation,
public health, public policy, or the Strategic Plan preparation.

·Minimum 5 years experience as a
government officials, regional development consultant, facilitator development
communities, or infrastructure monitoring consultants.

·Experience working with the community
and local governments.

·Able to communicate actively with all
elements of society.

·Able to work together in groups / organizations.

·Ability to lead meetings and coordination.

·Which can be given priority over culture
and local languages in the working area of interest.

·Able to operate computer and control
office application programs.

·Able to speak English oral and
writing, become more value.


·Willing to be interviewed at a location
Committee set (travel expenses paid participant selection).

·Willing to undertake training for one
month in Jakarta with the cost of the Committee.

·Training process is the selection for
following the implementation of the program.

·Period of at least 1 year assignment with the
likely be extended according to achievement.
Provisions apply:
1. Applicants are required to register online at the website www.sanitasi.or. id.
2. Applicants must also submit the following documents via email to fasilitator.ppsp @ sanitasi.or. id:
Letter of application and job order CV.Pengalaman equipped with a letter of recommendation from clients or management units kerja.Total email size not more than an email application 500kb.Subjek is pelamar.
3 ID number. Applications closed on 11 September 2009 at 17:00 WIB.
4. The results of the first phase of selection informed by email on 18 September 2009.

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