Rental mobil / sewa mobil murah surabaya

Rental mobil zuma (surabaya) rent a car over you service of travel Guide and rent a car,car rentals,car hire for Tourist Travel,Indonesia Company, and individual.

With supporting by friendly professional driver who know the prime place for tour which also has kompetitif price( look at our price ) that’s include with driver fluently speak english.

We also serving foreign people from other country who want make a business in Indonesia or vacation, Rental mobil Zuma rent a car (rental mobil zuma) The Simply way and Cheap,we pick you up at the Air port,no need travel agents cause we know all the place in Java Island Indonesia.Rental mobil Zuma Rent a car (sewa mobil zuma) located in West Java,Bogor.

Not just only best rent a car and travel guide indonesia,but we are the cheaper than any other.
Rent a car Zuma offers rental mobil ,rent a car,rentals car,car hire,sewa mobil, and travel guide Indonesia,Jakarta,Bogor, surabaya.
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Car Rental Service

Daily Car Rental (sewa mobil harian)

Rent a car / daily car rental is a rental car / rental car for the period based on daily usage, the minimum rental period is two hours. In the car rental / lease vehicle is possible this type of service using drivers that have been provided by Zuma Rent Car and can be made possible without the driver (off key).

Monthly Car Rental (sewa mobil bulanan)

Rent a car / rental car is a rental car downloads / rental vehicle with a minimum period of 5 x 24 hours and a maximum of a month. In the car rental / lease vehicle is possible this type of service using drivers that have been provided by Zuma Rent Car and can be made possible without the driver (off key).

Car Rental Contract (kontrak sewa mobil)

Car rental / lease contract is monthly or annual rental period / lease vehicles intended for use with a long period of time, minimum rental period is one month’s car. In this type of rental cars can use the services provided by the driver Zuma Rent Car or without driver (off key).

Shuttle / Inter – Pick (Mobil antar jemput)

Shuttle is a shuttle service between designated for companies in the field of inter – shuttle employees to and from work, guests or hospitality company shuttle service to and from the Airport, as well as for individuals in the context of a family vacation, personal and with a specific destination.

Why Rental mobil Zuma rent a car ?

Profesionalism is one of our commitment. Comfortness,safetyness and satisfaction are our main goal. We assure your transportation solutions, and we will give you our best services.

Quality has never been put aside. We always provide high quality cars, to keep your satisfaction and comfortness.

Economic is the most important thing. You’ll get a reachable and competitve price from us.

Beside those above, our services are include :

* Lease per hour, daily, weekly, monthly and annualy
* Pickup and delivery sevice car inside city and out city
* Experienced drivers
* All Risk assurance
* 24 hours service

Short Term
Offered for per hour or per day transportation solutions. You can drive by your self or with driver who friendly and have experience.

With Driver
Minimum 8 hours/day.

Without Driver
Minimum 3 days.

Long Term
Offered for monthly transportation solutions. WIT Rent Car prepare service minimal for one month with many variety vehicles and rent cost comparable with company budget, which can be solution for your transportation.


* one month
* three months
* six months
* one year
* more

Gunung sari Surabaya

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Gunung sari Surabaya


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