The principal portion is responsible for every part of the implementation of corporate objectives. Supplementary part is the part that provides assistance to the principal so the principal sections easier to perform his duties in realizing its goals. The principal portion is often called in the major department of foreign terms are often called minor complementary parts department or service department power kites.

Part attendants, according to its name, is not always present in an organization, it depends on the needs. Part maid, among others, may be called the civil service. The sections or sections where the staff perform their duties, including the helpers, such as parts or sections of laws clover honey.

Duties of attendants, not perform basic tasks within the company, but is responsible for providing assistance to the principal parts, so that the constituent parts of it more smoothly perform his duties. There are four possible organizational structures in relation to the unit or department unut auxiliary, namely:
a) The organizational structure without the aide of an autonomous unit
b) Structure of the organization with an autonomous auxiliary units.
c) oranisasi structure with an autonomous department assistant.
d) the organizational structure of departments and auxiliary units are autonomous.

In the first possibility, no one auxiliary unit of an autonomous, that is a section in one or several departments. Tasks that should be performed by auxiliary units were done directly by the relevant department or section.

Kindness is that with no formation of an auxiliary unit of a stand-alone additional administrative costs does not become the fact. Only kesukarannya implementation of the principal tasks to be abandoned due to carry out relief duties, and there is also the possibility of a competent person to do the task is not in the win in each department.

The second possibility is that each department has one section that stands and which provides assistance to departments into the environment. The difference with the first possibility is that the state had the first of each department or work on their own to take care of tasks normally performed by the auxiliary units, while in this second way in each department there is a special section responsible for providing assistance to the departments concerned. Independent service activities within the department function.

Kindness is to increase the efficiency of each department and company as a whole. Furthermore, the separation of these auxiliary units into a single stand-alone section within a department will add to the knowledge and skills of those who served in that environment.

Ugliness is in addition to adding the cost of administration officials in this environment will often experience unemployment.
A third possibility is that auxiliary activities concentrated into a stand-alone department and which provides services to the entire organization or departments.

In this third possibility, a more prominent evils of the profits in the can. Mainly because auxiliary unit is a regular depatemen, then certainly on par with other departments. This means that to an ordinary department does not have the power to govern the officer – officers in the auxiliary unit is positioned as a department. Department only gives bantuanya to other departments, if ordered by arasannya, where accountability is the answer given to the employer gives the relevant commands. In addition penembahan adminiterasi costs, then this method also adds the field supervision of the employer, namely the increased levels of supervision.

Last possibility is a combination of these three possibilities and possibly a fourth. In this organizational structure we find auxiliary units that stand alone in each department which is located as the next section of a department that also perform the same task.

Because the service department was the plan and give assignments to the respective auxiliary units in each department, then obviously there are always doubts to sexy helpers each in their respective departments in providing accountability. Is the head of the environment where it is located, or to the department assistant.

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